Aluminum foil Instances and Distinction

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Foil Character Examples And Purpose In Literature

Shakespeare was a true master at using foil characters to push a plot forward and show character flaws. However, other classic and modern books also use this plot device. A literary foil is one that develops throughout a text and may not be evident at first. The good character’s traits emphasize the bad character’s traits, and vice versa. An author creates a foil to emphasize traits in another character. Foils aren’t necessarily opposites; however, they highlight opposing traits.

Foil is a literary device designed to illustrate or reveal information, traits, values, or motivations of one character through the comparison and contrast of another character. A literary foil character serves the purpose of drawing attention to the qualities of another character, frequently the protagonist. This is effective as a means of developing a deeper understanding of a character by emphasizing their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, a literary foil allows writers to create a counterpart for the protagonist that puts their actions and choices in context. A foil is a character whose main purpose is to offer a contrast to another character, usually the protagonist.

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In stark contrast, Johnny is passive, unmotivated, socially off, maladjusted and after Owen’s death, utterly lost and stuck in a rut. The Epic of Gilgamesh makes this trope Older Than Dirt. Whereas Gilgamesh is bold, arrogant, and hasty, Enkidu is level-headed and expresses understandable fear at the things Gilgamesh wants to do. Sancho Panza, Don Quixote’s sidekick, is the complementing and contrasting opposite to his master in both body and temperament.

These are characters with contrasting personalities or traits. For example, if one character is outgoing, their foil character might be shy. If one character is a hero, their foil character might be a villain. In literature, a foil is a character that has characteristics that oppose another character, usually the protagonist.