The 60th Festival of the Tartans & Highland Games
will be held 13th - 16th July 2017 - mark your calendars!

New Glasgow,   Pictou County,   
Nova Scotia,  Canada

Tartan Concert 2016

The Festival of the Tartans is proud to present the Caledonia Scottish Fiddle Orchestra of Nova Scotia at Glasgow Square Theatre on Friday- July 15th at 7:00pm, together with New Brunswick fiddler Crystal Jones and vocalist Sarah Lennerton. Highland Dancers from the performance group of the Pictou County Highland Dancers will also feature.

Caledonia Scottish fiddle orchestra 2

The Caledonia Scottish Fiddle Orchestra of Nova Scotia, is an enthusiastically entertaining group of talented musicians, dedicated to promoting and preserving the culture and traditional music of Scotland.

Having released their third CD, “The Orchestra” is now working on a fourth, all while performing across all the Maritime Provinces as well as areas in Ontario. In April of 1994, The Orchestra performed its first show. Exactly four years later, The Orchestra was celebrating the fact that it had just performed in its 50th concert.

The Orchestra started with nothing but 9 violinists, but since then they have become extremely diverse in their instruments and thereby allowing them to also become very diverse with their sound. Currently, The Orchestra has 35 members which now feature violins, a viola, bass, piano, flutes, accordions, and drums. The increase in variety has allowed them to have a repertoire of lively marches, strathspeys, jigs, reels, slow airs, and waltzes.

When the Scots left the highlands and villages of Scotland in the 18th century to a new life in Nova Scotia they brought their music with them in hopes of preserving their culture from their homeland. The Caledonia Scottish Fiddle Orchestra of Nova Scotia is continuing that tradition by keeping alive the music and culture of old Scotland for present and future generations.

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